More and more people nowadays are doing business without meeting personally. However, with so many Internet scammers rampant today, getting people to trust your online business can be challenging. Check out below how you can display your company’s trustworthiness.

1. Good website design – First impression in the online realm is just as crucial in the face-to-face environment. Your website is your brick and mortar store that needs to be professionally designed and easy to navigate. Besides, no one wants to deal with a suspicious-looking and or poorly-designed site. 402 935 7733

2. Make your site and payment system secure – Encrypt your site to protect anything customers submit online. Get trust marks like SSL certificate, third-party logo and other credible signs that your website can indeed be trusted. Create a Privacy Policy for your website to ensure users that their personal information will be guarded. Also, be sure to use a recognised, trustworthy payment processor like PayPal, WorldPay and Google Checkout to give them further peace of mind.

3. Get testimonials – Customer feedback or testimonials are great for building trust and confidence in your products/services. Nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing (WOM). So request testimonials or reviews from your satisfied and happy customers. Even better if you can get consent to publish their photo including the product/service they bought so no one will question your claim.

4. Create a business blog – An informative and engaging blog can do wonders for fostering trust, most especially when you write about topics that are related to the products and services you provide. This is the platform where you can demonstrate authority and profound knowledge in your industry. And when customers realise that, trust in your company follows almost immediately.

5. Offer a guarantee or free trial – A satisfaction/money-back guarantee or free trial is an effective way to show you really mean what you say. This also signifies that customers have nothing to lose when they try your products/services. But ensure to always honour your guarantee, as your reputation is on the line here.