A popular alternative to the electric wheelchair is the powered mobility scooter. Different options and models are now available, and they are regularly used on outdoor terrain. If you use a mobility scooter, you know that scooter ramps are essential for easy access to buildings and vehicles.

There are several types of mobility scooters. A 3-wheeled scooter is the easiest to maneuver and is best for use in tight spaces. Its turning radius allows it to make turns that a 4-wheeled scooter can’t accomplish.

Four-wheeled scooters are designed for stability and are great for outdoor use. They are more difficult to maneuver and not as good in tight quarters.

Fold-up mobility scooters are designed for portability and are easy to take along on trips.

Scooter ramps are necessary to gain access to vehicles and buildings. It is important to choose a ramp that suits your needs. Different kinds of ramps for personal or commercial use are available. A ramp allows you to load a scooter into a vehicle, go over steps, and across a door’s threshold. Scooter ramps can be portable or foldable.

Threshold scooter ramps provide a bridge over a threshold allowing a scooter or wheelchair to roll over it. An example of a threshold is a door frame or door step. Threshold scooter ramps come in different sizes and can be made of aluminum, fiberglass or other material. It can be a bridge up to a step so that the scooter can bridge the distance between the ground and the step. It can also be a ramp running over a door hinge leading to another room.

Another kind of threshold is the channel ramp. It can have both telescoping and folding features so that it can be stored easily. It is very flexible and can fit specific building requirements.

Loading ramps are used to move wheelchairs and scooters from the ground into a vehicle, or up and down steps or curbs. Vehicle loading ramps can be quite long or they can be telescopic, meaning they are extendable. Vehicle loading ramps are usually lightweight and foldable for easy storage in the vehicle. They should be slip-resistant to provide good traction even when wet 3 wiel scootmobiel

Access ramps are incorporated in the design of a building to provide an easy access point for wheelchairs, mobility scooter, or individuals who find it difficult to walk up steps. They can come with or without handrails. Access ramps are normally found in commercial premises, hospitals, nursing homes and schools.