2013 has been an eventful 12 months for the Engineering Career Fit Insights business. Once we emerged from a crippling global recession and started to build to a brighter foreseeable future there have recently been a number of landmarks along the way. Here are usually just some of the illustrates of the year.


The year started with a new bang, almost, if Boeing was pushed to ground its new Dreamliner following a number of battery-related errors – which includes a fire. The entire fleet was grounded, but that didn’t take long for Boeing’s designs to get on top of the situation and even the Dreamliner is definitely now the California king of the heavens.

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The Institute of Photonic Technology made equally large strides, on a much smaller size, when it revealed that Graphene can easily be used to be able to create electricity by photons in February. This capacity to change light into electrical power has been proclaimed a major technological breakthrough and can eventually spell the end for semiconductors, as well since producing much more successful solar cells.


The Confederation involving British Industry affirmed that British executive was on the particular rise. There have been still peaks and troughs in the sector, nevertheless the CBI noted a feeling of optimism. The majority of companies expected a boost in enterprise for the remainder of the year in addition to the engineering recruitment industry looked in advance to an extra of new architectural jobs.


Science fiction became reality in April each time a team of designs working for satellite tv for pc firm Astrium recommended sending an extra-large whaling ship in to space to harpoon large chunks regarding debris to protect satellites in orbit. As well as the particular entertaining theory, typically the team revealed more frightening news.

In accordance with NASA’s own statistics there are 12 to 15 subjects weighing more as compared to a tonne floating round up there that could trigger collisions, along along with a huge amounts of smaller fragments and even 22, 000 trackable objects larger than 10cm in orbit at this time.


By debris floating vaguely to a plane traveling deliberately, but with out a pilot…

In May a staff of British engineers flew an unmanned plane 500 mls through British airspace. Drones are practically nothing new, of training course, but this tailored passenger plane triggered quite a mix after the first of all unmanned flight.


BAE Systems made a decision to have a loving look back from the Tomorrow’s Associated with the 1960s and complete off the patterns that were flights regarding mere fancy back again then. A hypersonic plane that may travel at five times the particular speed of nicely even go directly into space was the highlight, although a military jeep that will could jump more than obstacles with straight lift-off fans was another favourite.